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When we introduce ourselves we will provide a performance contract similar to the one below. 

Please feel free to review below:


Laser Tag Party Performance Agreement


Mobile Laser Forces, hereafter referred to as MLF, agrees to perform laser tag party services for the Host named Mary Joe located in Jones, OK. The party date May 2007, the approximate party starting time 1PM, the Host contact information, the birthday child’s name and age are specified in the map notes section on the back. The approximate party duration is for 1 1/2 hours with approximately 10  toy laser tag guns for game play.


MLF will provide; at least one mission commander, the approximate number of toy laser tag guns noted above & the miscellaneous other supplies so that the Host & their guests may engage in the sport of laser tag for the time as noted above. The party location will be at the end address on the reverse map directions note section. Every effort shall be made to ensure the party will start in a timely fashion & be conducted in reasonably safe manner. Any observed potential hazard to safe game-play will be cordoned off from participants with hazard tape or other devices available from the client. Participant safety is the first priority of the mission director. The mission commander reserves the right to postpone or cancel any party that he deems unsafe for any reason including but not limited to the location conditions or weather conditions. The mission commander will facilitate a festive occasion to the best of his ability while maintaining the highest reasonable safety level for the players.


Participant Rules: No participant shall engage in any reckless or foolish behavior that is likely to cause injury or damage to themselves, other participants, bystanders, employees, agents of MLF, equipment or any property.; No projectiles are to be thrown or otherwise made airborne by participants; no participants may climb in any tree or climb on any obstacle or structure that could potentially cause a fall hazard, no game-play is allowed in any area deemed unsafe or unsuitable; any activity deemed unsafe will not be allowed; any participant engaging in any unacceptable behavior will be required to cease participation in Laser Tag activities.


The Host agrees to the following conditions: The mission commander for Mobile Laser Forces is working under the direction and the direct supervision of the Host. The Host will clearly identify any areas that are to be deemed unsafe for normal game-play for the participants. The Host will make certain that those areas have been cordoned off from the participants in a reasonable manner. The host will ensure that verbal warnings of these hazards have been identified to the participants and the host will actively assist the mission director in all matters concerning the safety of all party participants.


The Host understands that Laser Tag is a active participation sport and that risks and dangers are inherent to participation in laser tag or any other active sport. The participation in this sport or activity by the Host and their guests does expose the participants to the risk of many types of injury, danger and loss. The host assumes all risk, danger, losses or property damages and accepts responsibility for any and all injuries, for themselves or their guests arising from their or their guests’ participation in the laser tag games. The Host agrees to voluntarily release, hold harmless, waive, discharge, defend and indemnify MLF, its’ owner, agents, officers and employees from any and all claims which may arise from their participation or their guests’ participation in laser tag games. This release is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by the laws of the jurisdiction in which the event is held.


The Host hereby affirms that all guests and the parent (s) or guardian (s) of all minor children participants are aware of the risks involved in participating in laser tag games and have given their permission, either verbal or in writing, for said participation in the event. Permission has been formally granted and has not been assumed.


If the party is held on a property owned by some person or organization other than the Host, it is understood that the event is in no way sponsored by the property owner and the property owner or their representatives assume no responsibility for the conduct of or safety of the event / activity. The Host and their guests shall hold harmless the property owner from any cause of action, claim, petition arising from the use of the property related to the laser tag event. The host hereby affirms that permission has been explicitly granted to have a laser tag event on the property by the owner or their representative.

MLF agrees to furnish the supplies & labor in accordance to the terms set forth here for the sum of $ Varies


Please make payment to Mobile Laser Forces upon completion of party


Should you desire to tip the mission director for excellent service, cash is the preferred method but if a tip is included in the payment it will be forwarded to the mission director.


Acceptance - the above stated date, time, duration, game rules, conditions and prices are hereby accepted.



X______________________        _____    _____________________                               _____

Host Signature                                Date        Mission Commander- A.O.A. t/a MLF Date





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