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  • Can laser tag be played outside during the day?
    Outdoor laser tag is probably better if played during the daytime. Indoor facilities have to use low light levels to enhance game-play because of the limited space available in a leased warehouse.
  • If you play during the day, how do the sensors see the light?"
    Indoor and outdoor laser tag guns use infrared light to hit the opponent’s sensors. A person cannot see the “laser beams” that are shot playing laser tag. Both indoor and outdoor guns use a red flasher to create the illusion of a laser beam being shot from the gun. Indoor facilities, because of the limited distance and dark conditions, appear to allow the players to see a laser beam or flash. In close quarters and dark conditions, the outdoor guns mimic that effect as well. Outdoor guns have sights that the player aims at the opposing player and if the players are close enough the shooting player, they can hear if the speaker on the other players sounds off. At distance they must use body language to tell if the player was hit.
  • Is my yard big enough to play laser tag?
    We have had many successful parties in small yards. You can have close to the maximum number of players in a normal yard and still have a great time. With our equipment, you can have a blast just about anywhere!
  • What do we do if it rains?
    If the rain is light or just drizzling we can still play the games at the host’s discretion. Moderate or heavy rain can effect the equipment and may cause a party to be delayed, postponed or very occasionally cancelled.
  • When do we decide if a party is to be postponed?
    Generally, we advise waiting until the last possible time you are comfortable with before changing the party schedule. We all know how quickly the weather in Oklahoma can change, and the forecaster may not get the weather right for your party. Oklahoma weather blows in and out quickly. We generally try to wait out thunderstorms. If the weather doesn't appear to be blowing over quickly, then we tend to reschedule at the clients convenience and our availability.
  • Can I book a rain date
    No. Our experience has been that some people will postpone a party on dates that have a small potential chance of rain in the forecast if we give them an escape route of a rain date. Parties that had great weather conditions were lost because of weatherman’s incorrect guesses. Families that wanted to schedule parties had to be denied because of other clients’ insistence on booking multiple time periods to insure optimal weather conditions. This is not fair and creates a nightmare for scheduling.
  • Do you play laser tag in the winter?
    Absolutely! We have played many games during the winter. Yes the weather conditions can be more challenging but the players just need to wear appropriate clothing, preferably in multiple layers. As the players heat up from running around they will just shed layers. We have even hosted parties in and during snow. It just added to the fun. The only real issue is when we have thawing and refreezing conditions. Icy conditions are not suitable for safe game play. We rely on the game host to determine if the playing area is safe.
  • Will the lasers hurt the players eyes?
    No. The guns do not actually shoot laser beams at the players. Indoor and outdoor laser tag guns shoot beams of infra-red light to tag the opposing players on sensors. Flash light tag would be a more accurate name for the games but marketing people decided to give the game a more exciting name
  • Is laser tag dangerous?
    Generally, laser tag is safe, but any active sport has the potential for injury. Players run around creating the excitement of the game, but also creating the potential for injuries. Players have fallen from playground equipment. Bumps, bruises, scraped knees and elbows are a norm. Players have run into each other and accidentally hit each other with the equipment. Insects and poison ivy are regular hazards in the playing area and therefore can be an issue. We try to warn players of hazards and often “tape off” areas as hazards. Please point out potential hazards to your mission director at the beginning of our set up time and prior to game-play.
  • Is laser tag appropriate for my daughter?
    My daughter’s are age eight, ten and twelve years old. They love playing and I am sure your daughter will enjoy it just as much.
  • Can you accommodate players with special needs?
    Yes, we let anyone play to the best of their ability and use any parental suggestions.
  • We have a younger child as well. Can they play as well?
    Younger siblings are welcome to play as well. The guns weigh about 4.5 pounds and can be difficult for them to hold. They also sometimes have difficulty understanding the team play concepts.
  • Do you have adult parties?
    Of course! We regularly have corporate events and recently had a 23 year old woman’s birthday party. Adult and corporate parties are a pleasant change from our regular fare of children’s birthday parties.
  • How far do you travel?
    We are based in Midwest City, Oklahoma. We will perform parties all over the state, metropolitan area including Norman, Harrah, Edmond and Yukon. Long distance parties must be scheduled. We would like to schedule them during weekdays as our weekends generally have multiple local parties. Long distance parties on weekends should be booked weeks in advance to insure availability in our schedule, so that it would not interfere with our ability to service our local clients. Four hour driving time one way from our location would probably be our maximum range of service.
  • Do you charge a reservation fee?
    Yes. We request a reservation fee for Birthday Parties of $52. Cancelled reservation with less than 15 day notice is non-refundable. However we don't need a reservation fee for last minute callers. We understand that life sometimes gets in the way of our plans and we try very hard to accommodate our client’s needs. All we ask is that if your plans change; please give us as much notice as possible. We can usually re-rent the time to our frequent last minute callers. If your event is canceled because of weather we will do our best to reschedule you to another time.
  • How do we pay you?
    We accept cash, checks and credit cards as payment. There is a service fee for credit cards.
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