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The Spitfire

A Stalwart of the Mobile Laser Forces Arsenal


     The Spitfire Machine Pistol gaming gun is one of our more authentic models. Inspired by the Uzi machine pistol, it is compact, it is great for outdoor real live combat gaming. It is great for re-enactments. Many paintball field owners and theme park managers have chosen the Spitfire model because it is compact and robust. Gamers can instantly identify with the gaming gun and feel the real quality feel to the unit.This year's new model comes with a 40mm lens (the same as the Scorpion) for improved range.

spitfire Pic.jpg
spitfire spec.jpg

  Gun Spec

  • Latest SATR Software system

  • The industry's leading Optic sensors, available exclusively at Mobile Laser Forces

  • Predator Muzzle Flash: Tri-colored, hyper-bright LEDs (blue/red/white/off)

  • Short Range Capability CQB (Close Quarters Battles)

  • Red Dot Scope

  • Solid Metal Construction: Uzi style.

  • Weight 2.5kgs/5.5lbs and Gun Length 40cm/16"

  • Military Issued Color: Hammerburst Black

  • Recommended Environments: ALL (day/night indoor or outdoors)

  Weapon Emulations

  • Uzi

  • MP5 SD

  • M3 Grease Gun

  • Owen SMG 

  • Sten Mark 2 

  • Mp38/40

  • MAT 49-20

  • MP18

  • MAT 49-32 

  • PPS-43

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