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                                                       Games Types:


“Team Elimination” – The first game we play at almost every party. We divide the players into two teams. Everyone starts with nine lives. The objective is to eliminate everyone on the other team. Whichever team survives wins the game. Simple but great fun!


“Tag the Captain” – The objective of the game is to Tag the captain of the other team while protecting your captain. Most teams create a bodyguard to protect their captain and an assault team to take out the opposing captain. The captains each get 9 lives, everyone else is a soldier with only 5 lives. The captains are expected to fight and it is not uncommon for the game to go down to captain versus captain.


“Capture the Flag” – Traditional game of seizing the other team’s flag while protecting your own. This game takes real strategy and teamwork to win. Preteens start this game with 5 lives, teens and adults only get 3 lives. Tough but an exciting game!


“Adults versus the Kids” – Always a big favorite at parties. The kids attempt to take out the parents and they usually do! The ultimate politically incorrect game that is loved by parents and kids alike.


“Traitor” – This game is “tag the captain” with a twist. On each team is a secret traitor that will turn on his team at some point. The teams now must protect the captain from the other team and the traitor within their own ranks.


“Search and Destroy” – A small group of ‘terrorists’ is hiding in an area. The larger group of ‘FBI agents’ must hunt down and destroy the terrorists.


“Last Man Standing” – Everyone plays for themselves. Small two or three man teams are allowed, but to win at some point you have to turn against your buddy… Last person with lives wins bragging rights!


“Predator” – A two stage game. Everyone has to work as a team to hunt down the predator. The Game master is usually the predator. When the predator dies the whistle is blown again and the team turns against themselves. The game becomes Last Man Standing.


Other games are available include:

“Escort”, “Rescue”, “Shifting Alliances” and any new game ideas are always possible.

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