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 THE "P90" PDW

P90 Personal Defense Weapon



The Mobile Laser Forces P90 laser tag gun is great for re-enactments, especially for sci-fi stories like StarGate SG1. All P90 gaming guns come with the latest digital technology installed.

Click on the main images for a close up on the P90's specifications, or just click here


 Gun Spec​

  • The new generation P90 weighs 3kg (6 lbs).

  • The P90 is 52cm/20" long.

  • The P90 is 23cm/9" tall.

  • The P90 is 5cm/2" wide.

  • Military Issued Color: Hammerburst Black

  • Style PDW

  • Recommended Scope: Red Dot

  • Solid Metal Construction: P90 style.

  • Recommended Environments: ALL (day/night indoor or outdoors) 

 Weapon Emulations


  • FN P90 (default) 

  • MP28-50

  • PPsch-41 

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